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Major Repair

There are many situations things that can go wrong with your equipment and keep you from finishing the job. We're equipped to handle the repair of most equipment from the small push mower to that large garden tractor and everything in between. Whether you just need blades replaced  a bar replaced on a saw. A full motor or transmission rebuild we're an excellent fit for your repair needs.

Preventative Maintenance

Getting regular tune-ups for your equipment is important to keeping it in good working condition. But there's more to it than the basic lube, oil, and filter. The blades  on your mower or chain on you saw need to be sharp to make the equipment and you work easier, we can proffesionally sharpen them on site.

Why we stand out from the rest:

  • We use the latest diagnostic technology
  • Independently owned and operated for 10 years
  • We handle warranty work for Generac, Dolmar and BTTW
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers!
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DOC'S Repair

Owner/Mechanic: Dave Chaplin
Accounts Payable/receivable: Suzi Chaplin
248 Broadway
Whitehall NY 12887
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